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Use of perceptual map as a step in positioning and building VP.

Perceptual map or positioning map is a visual tool to depict the place of different products based on 2 attributes important to consumers. The map shows how the customers perceive each brand in terms of the 2 attributes on the horizontal and vertical axis. At the same time, the map can should what will be the ideal location [...]

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The Cirque’s product is the show. Film productions based on the shows such as “Alegria” and “Cirque du Soleil Presents Quidam” and other supplementary products such as souvenirs can be considered as marketing and advertisement products for support of the main product. The show’s uniqueness lies in the management’s [...]

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Find a Gold Buyer for Unwanted Jewelry

Everyone has a few pieces of jewelry that they simply don't know what to do with. Some are broken chains and others are earrings that have long since lost their mate. A gold buyer is an excellent option to use to get rid of this unwanted jewelry and make a little bit of money to boot. A gold buyer will buy any golden jewelry, [...]

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Personal Computer. Protection of important information begins with antivirus

Персональнвй компьютер. Защита важной информации начинается с антивируса Персональный компьютер давно перестал быть редкостью либо предметом роскоши – он есть практически в каждом доме. Тем не менее, несмотря на то, что индустрия производства компьютеров развивается стремительно, бывает так, что и современный компьютер может давать сбои.

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Computer overheating and system hangup: what’s in common?

Перегрев компьютера и зависание системы: что общего? Зависание компьютера, как и множество других неисправностей персонального компьютера, может быть связано с множеством факторов. Самым первым и самым распространённым является сильный перегрев системы. В этом случае, срабатывает защитный механизм системы от чрезмерного нагрева.

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Technologies to recover rare earth elements

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – New efficient and inexpensive technologies being developed at Purdue University could allow the extraction of rare earth elements, critical components of many electronics and green products, from waste coal ash. This innovation could enable the U.S. to enter into the $4 billion rare earth element production market while recycling coal ash […]

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