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Celebrate New Year with leaf gold

Gold is an attribute of luxury and wealth, power and strength, beauty and single-mindedness. What could be more beautiful than reflection of gold? Faces of diamond sparkle? Perhaps, it is to you, but the gilded domes, frames for mirrors and pictures, and a variety of interior decorations is no doubts are unparalleled creations of humanity! Gold is beautiful, and work with it is even more beautiful. Masters-gilder, with bated breath, with a special knife handmade suede cushion cut desired size pieces and transfer them electrified brush with a beautiful name lampenzel on the base. They polish gold surface, in addition to conventional means with beautiful stone – agate.
Why thin leaves of gold thickness of several microns are called on Russian “susal gold”?
There are many stories and legends about the appearance of the term “susal gold”. Unfortunately, history has no record of the emergence of gold leaf; nobody knows who relaxed gold to a thickness of the web first time, or when it was done. But they say that history has a few items, which were first decorated with a thin gold: a military armor, palace interiors and statue. Since this material is associated with the external decoration, with decoration of the front side of anything. Just “susal” meant – the face, the front surface. Gold for the front surface, and hence there was a name – susal gold.
What can you do with gold leaf?
Gold leaf can be eaten. No, it’s not a typo, and you read correctly – it can be eaten! Since ancient times it was used for purification and rejuvenation. Antiallergenic gold leaf has many useful properties. With aregular use of several micrograms of gold per day improves the function of all internal organs, especially the cardiovascular system, improves blood supply to organs, and improves blood, liver and gastrointestinal tract functions. Gold leaf for food is the most pure and is called “edible gold leaf”, so just do not eat the regular gold leaf, and consult your doctor first.
True connoisseurs know exactly that food gold leaf has long history for decoration of sweet desserts, sweets made with it and the same regarding the drink! In France, gold flakes are added into champagne. Not seeing this spectacle behind the thin walls of crystal glass, it is impossible to imagine how divinely beautiful champagne bubbles occur with golden snowflakes, raise them to the surface of the drink. Some snowflakes scattered and poured all the shades of the rainbow and flashing warm and cold glitter, falling again at the bottom of the crystal glass, until they meet next champagne bubble.
The Japanese believe that the gold in the New Year brings prosperity and good fortune, and they add gold flakes in the sake.
Each of us eats a few milligrams of gold at least once a week. Any doubts? Check the labels on the products you buy in the grocery store for E-175. E-175, allowed in food production, is a natural colorant – “gold”. Gold improves the appearance of the product to which we, the buyers, often pay more attention. Where you’ll find most of E-175? In chocolate (especially dark chocolate), cakes and pastries. For those who is interested in metals, E-174 also is a natural colorant “silver”.
Gold can improve not only the appearance of food, but also your appearance. What procedures you would not be alble to find in beauty salons in the XXI century! Wraps in dark chocolate containing 24-carat gold – a procedure is particularly popular among celebrities and rich people of the planet. Chocolate in combination with gold rejuvenates the skin and gives it a nice dark color.
As you can see, gold is not only a decoration, it can be glued, eaten, drunken, you can be treated by it and make you look yanger. No wonder this metal is so expensive, so use all its potential!
Marina Gorodetskaya
My Hobbies: psychology, medicine, in particular: parenting, breastfeeding, breast augmentation, getting rid of cellulite, stretch marks, dietetics.
My professional passions: stained glass, decorative art, translations.
This article is translated from Russian. If you noticed any error, reveal to me, please leave your suggestions, and I will correct it.
Sergey Denysevych

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