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Using Your Face Shape To Determine The Right Necklace For You
By: Alisha Bhatt

There are many things one considers before buying a necklace from texture, design and the shape and size of your clothes’ neckline. However, to have a more flattering look, it’s important that you select a necklace that compliments the shape of your face. People have different face shapes. There are guidelines that have been provided to help determine the right length of the necklace for you. These can also apply to selecting Indian Ethnic Jewelry to fit you perfectly.

A round face.
Round face is also known as full face. People with round faces can lengthen their looks by choosing necklaces that fall below their collar bone. Example is silver necklaces with large links or small gemstones. You can also adopt the fashion of wearing several silver and gold-filled link necklaces. However; people with this face shape should avoid Checkers’ and short necklaces. Large or rounded gemstones such as pearls also do not go well with round-faced people.
A long face
People with a long face can broaden their looks by going for shorter necklaces with delicate gemstones e.g. cultured pearls or geometric gold or silver-filled beads. An important point to remember for long-faced people is that they should avoid long, small link necklaces.
A square face
Square faces are best complemented by length and softness. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a necklace with a dominant round or oval pendant or just one central gemstone. Any necklace that is a T-style or one that is longer than 42 cm will still look great for square faced people. One necklace type to be avoided by such people is Chokers.
A heart–shaped face
Heart-shaped people look best in a Choker or shorter necklace, especially one with a dangling pendant. This is because they create the fullness they need to balance a narrow chin. Alternatively, they can wear a necklace with prominent gemstone if they want a wider look. However, and they should avoid geometric shapes or pendants that end in a point.
An oval shaped face
People with oval faces are the luckiest when it comes to necklaces. This is because almost any necklace will look great on you. Still, you can complement your looks further by wearing a necklace with large, bold-colored gemstones or a playful mix of gemstones. Such people should however avoid delicate necklaces with small gemstones.

Choosing necklace based on the neckline
The neckline can also assist you find the right type of necklace to put on. Clothes have different necklines, and there are guidelines to help people decide the type of necklace to put on with a specific cloth. It is because different necklines look better with certain necklace styles making them more preferred.

Clothes with turtlenecks go best with longer necklaces. Crew necklines are best with short necklaces such as collar or bib style. For scoop necks, you can fill the space with multiple strands or beads or large scale pendants. Strapless necklines look great with Chokers or short pendants, thereby leaving your lovely decollate bare. Asymmetric necklines go best with necklaces that have the same asymmetry. The alternative is to wear a long string of different sized and shapes beads can work well. For clothes with V-necks, choose a necklace that takes a V-shape. Collared shirt (or one with button down) leaves little space for wearing anything. A chocker will work best in such cases but only if you have a long neck. However, a slimmer pendant that sits above the last open button can do.
As part of important jewelry, necklaces contribute a lot to a flattering look. However, this only happens when you choose the right necklace. Ethnic Designer Jewelry in India is the most common among women. You can try with different styles to find the best for you.

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