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PE Leadership: Lessons learned

You may have an excellent crew on board but the plane cannot fly if it is overloaded.

No matter how hard employees of PE tried to deliver exceptional service to it’s customers, the problems of logistics and operation capacities must be resolved. When teams were trying to deliver the best possible service, PE was definitely operating “beyond its practical capacity.”

It is difficult to pull a carriage with two horses of differing characters.

PE and Frontier Airlines were very different culturally. There was no way that these two companies would be able to integrate in a short period of time.

People will treat you the way you treat people.

PE developed revolutionary ways of controlling employees. Even after failure, many employees continued to admire Burr, and were ready to work for him again if he asked them.  The culture that was built on trust and independence assured the great success and control of the company. This is the “right way to do business.”

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