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Protecting Yourself from Winter Spills

By James Allen. Jan 2, 2015

Forecasters expect a wild winter this year, and with colder temperatures come higher risks of injury from falls. Whether you get a broken foot on the slopes or a broken hand from taking a spill on black ice, say orthopedic specialists at Direct Orthopedic Care in Boise, winter is prime time for broken bones. To help keep you safer this winter, the DOC doctors have some advice for Boise residents.

The right footwear is essential for any activity, say sports medicine specialists, and that doesn’t just mean on the track. Some of the most common injuries clinics see in the winter are broken arms from falls as people go out to get the mail or the newspaper in their slippers. Falling people inevitably put out their arms to catch themselves, but the delicate bones of the forearm and hand aren’t meant to take such impacts and can fracture under the stress. Even if you aren’t going far, wear shoes that provide good traction even on ice.

Even if bones don’t break, knee injuries are common side effects of trying to hold yourself upright on slick ice. Sports injuries have made ACL repair and MCL repair procedures routine, but even with a short recovery time, no one wants to spend the holiday season recovering. In addition to wearing the right shoes, DOC’s staff recommends slowing down when moving on slippery surfaces and not trying to do too much at once. It’s tempting to carry in all the groceries in one trip, especially in bitter weather, but carrying too much throws off your center of balance and can contribute to falls.

Skiing and snowboarding are reasons to look forward to a snowy winter, but as with any sports, they come with a risk of injury. Even experienced skiers and snowboarders can get injured on the slopes, but the biggest risk is to novices who aren’t yet ready for the unfamiliar equipment they’re using. Taking a few classes from qualified instructors can help new skiers protect themselves from a strain, sprain or broken leg. 

Prevention and preparation help protect you from injury during the winter, but some accidents are inevitable. Knowing where to go for help before you need it is vital. While your nearest hospital emergency room can care for sprains and fractures, a medical center that specializes in urgent orthopedic care for broken bones can be the faster, more economical choice. By going to a sports medicine center, you skip the lengthy check-in process and waiting that can happen at the ER.

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