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How Photoshop Helps To Restore Old Photographs

By Joepet Macariola

If you think that Photoshop was meant to help people create goofy photographs prior to sending them out on the Internet, you would be only half right. The truth is that Photoshop is an excellent tool to use when you are trying to breathe new life into old photos. It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to fix faded images, fill in holes that might be missing, or adding color, Photoshop has proved itself as not only an excellent tool to use for restoration, but as one that’s easy to use for that purpose as well. Consider this to be a brief primer on how quick and easy Photoshop is to use.

Faded Images. If you have an old image that’s faded, use Photoshop’s Grayscale feature to highlight your picture, then bump up the Levels. If you want to bring up your shadows, drag the black arrow from the left. If you want to bring up your highlights, drag the white arrow from the right. It’s that easy.

Fixing and Filling Holes. In the course of a photograph’s lifetime it suffers a lot of indignities. Photographs get cracked, the emulsion breaks off, not to mention all of the marks that end up being made on the image. Photoshop’s Clone tool is a wonderful resource for fixing a lot of these problems and more. If you want to fix any of these kinds of problems, select the brush feature, and working at about 95 percent at 300 zoom, pick a spot in the photo that can be used as a source, then literally “paint” whole sections of the image with that source. Clothing can be tricky since it most often has some kind of pattern, but with a little practice, practically anyone can do a good job of it.

Color. Who didn’t enjoy coloring books when they were kids? Now you can dust off those same skills, this time with Photoshop and your old photograph. It doesn’t matter whether you want to add color to an existing photograph, or take away things like stains, the Color feature will let you take care of both with the same ease you used with coloring books. All you have to do is to select the Color feature, then pick a color you want to use from the palette. You will rarely find a color that you want to use just as it is, to play with the value selector until you find something closer to what you want to use. Now you’re in business. You can use this same color feature to literally “paint” a stain or some other kind of discoloration in your restoration job.

The truth is that Photoshop is a powerful software that can provide you tools that can successfully restore old photographs. Try it for yourself and see how many incredible things you can do with it.

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