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Advantage and harm of chewing gum

Chewing gum in the wrong time can cause in you serious problems with health. Perhaps, those from you who likes to ruminate often wonder whether she is useful or harmful. Of course, you won’t find the final answer to this question. Some people prefer to ruminate because they are nervous and, thus calm down, others refresh breath, and the third – just for pleasant.

Though advertisements loudly declare that chewing gum, in particular, prevents development of caries, but it is better not to attach it significance. Here councils of experts on useful and harmful effects of chewing gum.

It is better to ruminate after you have eaten, but not next the heart. The use of chewing gum shouldn’t last more than ten minutes. You probably wonder and in what the purpose of this short chewing. Experts will answer that they, thus, clean a mouth by means of the increased salivation. Short chewing gum promotes strengthening of gums.

Nevertheless, if you have decided to chew an elastic band before food, then you can be more sure that the only thing what it will lead to, this injury of your body. Thereby that increases secretion of gastric juice and in the absence of food leads to impact of acid of gastric juice on a mucous membrane of a stomach.

Long chewing of an elastic band in the wrong time can lead you to many serious diseases, it as dryness in a mouth, gastritis, ulcers and many other things.

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