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What is more expensive a diamond or an emerald?

For maximum price for one carat an emerald – the most expensive jewel in the world. Range of the prices of emeralds is very big, beginning from less than one to many thousands of dollars for carat, in dependence, first of all, on color, and also from brightness and purity.

The more brightly and more intensively green color of an emerald, the higher him price. Similarly with increase in weight stone cost also grows in carats and, at last, the cost there are less shortcomings of a crystal, the higher him. Various options and combinations of parameters of stones allow the buyer to choose a jewelry on a pocket.
As in these parameters jewels can different, and at the price they, therefore, differ. For example, the cost of one carat of the raw emeralds got in Muzo’s mine in Colombia can vary from $300 to $10 000.

Good stones in the range from 1 to 2 carat sell at $25 000 for carat. On the other hand “stones of commercial quality” (from light-to dark green, bad quality) sell for the price from $50 to $800 for carat in the range from 1 to 2 carat. The cost of the best emeralds can reach the price of $ US 50 000 for carat if they big, faultless, fine color.

Emeralds meet, at least, by twenty times less than diamonds. The best emeralds get in Colombia. Faultless emeralds of good color, the size and the Colombian origin are extremely rare, and there can be more expensive, than diamonds.

Pure emeralds are very rare also roads, highly appreciate any faultless emerald irrespective of the size. In 2000 auctioneers of Christies have sold a 10-karat emerald more than for $1 million, that is $100,000 for carat.

According to branch experts, the cost of emeralds grows approximately for 10 percent every year.
Unlike diamond, a ruby or sapphire, the emerald can be extremely fragile. The emerald easily can be damaged or split during the processing or installation. Therefore risky to buy the raw emeralds. This problem is aggravated with the fact that emeralds often abound to cracks, many of which are visible only by means of magnifying glass, and sometimes only by means of a microscope.

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