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Turkish gold

High-quality gold products necessarily have a sample stamp in the form of a brand profile of a girl in a headdress, a label indicating the manufacturer, weight, address, name of the goods. They are sold in major jewelry stores, whose reputation is time-tested and evaluated in a decent amount, in contrast to the Turkish gold.

Jewellery from Turkey tourists often brought home by purchasing them at a ridiculous price. They look like gold, but, in fact, the noble metal in them a little, although the sample is. No wonder, if after a month the upper gold layer will disappear, as will the copper underneath. Sometimes Turkish product may crack or split apart. There are cases that lock in the chain has the stamp is made of gold, with the remainder of the alloy of copper and nickel that can cause allergies.

Turkish jewelers put the sample in the gold jewelry does not correspond to reality. The production technology is disturbed, leading to their rapid deterioration. This gold is a hard sell, because of the huge amounts of impurities. After the example of the low-grade metal from Turkey, it makes sense to think that what gold is more expensive, it is better.

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