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By Syam Jadhav on September 07, 2016

The iron oxide particles are supermagnetic in nature and thus belong to a special class of magnetic nanoparticles. Their size varies from 1 nm to 100 nm and their shape, size and properties are often dependent upon the process of synthesis. They mainly occur in two forms which are magnetite and maghemite.

Magnetic nanoparticles are incredible particles whose characteristics can be manipulated with the help of magnetic field. These particles are composed of two vital elements and i.e. a compound which is iron and the other is a chemical that projects functionality. The clusters of magnetic nanoparticles that are made up of independent nano-sized particles are termed as magnetic nanobeads. These beads are regarded to be the basis of further assembly leading to magnetic nanochains.

There are many particles that tend to posses supermagnetic properties including cobalt (Co), nickel (Ni) and iron (Fe). But, out of the three the one element which is highly preferred is iron oxide nanoparticles. This is because Ni and Co are toxic in nature and thus may not be the apt option for a wide range of applications. Iron on the other hand can trigger a myriad of potential applications such as sensors, terabit magnetic storage devices and precise MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).

What Makes Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Different?

There are basically four different types of magnetic nanoparticles which are ferrites with shell, oxides, metallic and metallic with shell. Out of the four, oxides has remained to be widely researched till today. An oxide can get as smaller as 128 nm and still be supermagnetic and this prevents chances of self agglomeration, as they showcase their magnetic behavior only when an external field is witnessed.

With this the magnetic moment of iron oxide nanoparticles can be increased to an amazing extent by controlling the cluster of individual supermagnetic to superparamagnetic. When there is no sort of external magnetic field experienced then the remanence turns down to zero. During this time, these particles behave similar to that of the non-magnetic particles. Important part is that their surface can be modified by silicones, surfactants, phosphoric acid or silica which enhances their stability in a liquid medium.

Consider The Process of Synthesis When You Buy Iron Oxide Nanoparticles

The exceptional features and outstanding applications have increased the demand of these particles dramatically. Today, there are many scientists who are in the lookout of the best quality iron nano-sized particles so as to make the most of their experiments and theory. But, when you are about to buy iron oxide nanoparticles the one aspect that you can never forget to consider is their process of synthesis.

This is because the quality, purity and characteristics of the particles are dependent upon the efficacy of the entire synthesizing process. Therefore, when you aspire to buy nothing but the best then do make sure to inquire about the methods that has been utilized for its making.

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