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How to Save Money On Repairing Your Cracked Windshield


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Picture this: it’s a cold winter morning. You are late for work, you didn’t have time for breakfast, and you have an important meeting with you boss. Things can’t get any worse that that, you say this to yourself. Then, you get in your car and notice that your windshield is cracked.

When it comes to something as fragile and important (should we dare mention expensive as well?) as your windshield is, you want to make sure that you address the situation as smartly as possible.

Getting it repaired can cost a lot of money. While your truck customization and equipment are priceless, you do want to keep your truck’s maintenance on a strict budget. Here are the best tips from auto glass experts on how to get your windshield back to perfection without breaking the bank.

 1. Get Chips Repaired ASAP

The cheapest way to go around this is to address the situation as early as you can. While most drivers dismiss tiny chips in their windshield as not much of a severe situation, truth is they are just a ticking bomb. That’s because once the windshield is chipped it becomes extremely vulnerable to more serious cracking.

The great news about chips is that they do not require replacement. Instead, you could simply repair them. It only involves some good cleaning and some filling in with resin so that the crack doesn’t spread any further. It takes about 15 minutes and on top of that, it is very inexpensive, so you have no reason not to do it.

2. Repairing Windshield Cracks

If your windshield has already started to crack, then the same principle still applies: get it fixed before it gets even worse. If the crack is small, you might still get away with simply repairing it instead of getting the windshield replaced. In this case, you can get it fixed for under $150.

3. Look for Discounts

Don’t let a tight budget stop you from fixing your cracked windshield. Do some online research and look for auto glass shops that offer discounts. Or, contact your local shop and ask them if they currently have any ongoing promotion you could benefit from.

 4. Let Your Insurance Do Its Job

While not all insurance policies cover a cracked windshield, there are still good chances that yours does. You surely want to check out your policy and see if it is so or not. For example, if you have comprehensive coverage, your plan should cover up to three chip repairs.

5. Find a Great Auto Glass Shop

It’s not an easy task because they are certainly harder to find. If you seem to be having a hard time finding a good auto glass shop, maybe it’s time to ask for help. If there is any mechanic, dealership or any great truck equipment provider that you trust, then you will benefit greatly by simply asking for recommendations. Not only do they know much better about the market but they can also give you great tips for your particular situation.

The great team at Pacific Truck Colors is highly skilled at repairing and replacing cracked or broken windshields and would be delighted to lend you a helping hand. You can always contact us through our website. 

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