Why It Is Important To Know Exchange Rate Before Remitting Money?

Premium Author Blaine Fabi Finance Articles | March 16, 2017 Are you working overseas and you are a regular money remitter to your native place. It is very imperative to know the exchange rate before transferring money to from an overseas market. The whole world has emerged as a great market for all sorts of […]

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Tips To Do Well in Real Estate Investment

By Sujit Bisui A lot of us invest money on diverse income sources such as the amusement sector, stock trading, manufacturing and real estate. Some people vacillate to invest in realty since they believe that it’s a more risky investment. Any investment assessment has some extent of risk, not just in real estate investments. But […]

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How to build a simple house in Minecraft

A house in minecraft is important to continued existence because in a house you can pit, dig for minerals, construct, sleep, discover different things, and most importantly, be protected from creepers and spiders that that stay there all day long. Minecraft blocks that can glow forever are called Glowstone and known before as Lightstone. The […]

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Integrated Marketing Strategy

Integrated Marketing Strategy Consist of addressing 4 P’s (Promotion, price, place, product). STP: S – Market Segmentation; T – Target Markets; P – Positioning Strategy;

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Canada Goose Inc. at a retail crossroads Case

Summary letter To: Dani Reiss Subject: Canada Goose Inc. at a retail crossroads Current situation Canada Goose has experienced steady organic growth as a niche brand, selling their product through independently owned stores. By June 2008 it was selling product in 28 different countries across North America and Europe plus two authorized online retailers. Now […]

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Литий – основные потребители, перспективы спроса

Lithium: main consumers & future demand.
Lithium does not belong to the group rare metals. It’s quite common in the earth crust, but there are very few deposits suitable for commercial exploitation.
In Russian.

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Expanding business for Eat2Eat.com case

Memorandum To: Vikram Aggarwal Subject: Expanding business for Eat2Eat.com Date: Jan 18, 2011 Eat2Eat.com generates two main sources of revenue via its core business: restaurant reservations and advertisements. We will explore the possibilities of increasing revenue from these two sources and from possible other sources. Restaurant Reservations One of the issues Eat2Eat has with restaurant […]

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The Cirque’s product is the show. Film productions based on the shows such as “Alegria” and “Cirque du Soleil Presents Quidam” and other supplementary products such as souvenirs can be considered as marketing and advertisement products for support of the main product. The show’s uniqueness lies in the management’s ability to use known entities and […]

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