Product Microdata LD-JSON structure using c# you need to define LD-JSON Product structure as it is defined at you can use  Product class defined in MXTires.Microdata library. Example of C# code for defining  Product Microdata structure using MXTires.Microdata library: [TestMethod] public void SimpleProductTest() { var product = new Product() { Name = “T3 REPLICA NISSAN ALTIMA, MAXIMA (PAINTED/SILVER)”, }; System.Diagnostics.Debug.Write(product.ToJson()); }

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LocalBusiness Microdata JSON structure using c#

Example of C# code for defining  LocalBusiness Microdata structure using MXTires.Microdata library: [TestMethod] public void LocalBusinessTest() { LocalBusiness shop = new LocalBusiness() { Name = “”, Description = “Sell Wheels and Tires.”, CurrenciesAccepted = “USD, CAD”, }; Language language = new Language() { Name = “English, French” }; //may need more differentiation shop.Address = new […]

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