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LocalBusiness Microdata JSON structure using c#

Example of C# code for defining  LocalBusiness Microdata structure using MXTires.Microdata library:

public void LocalBusinessTest()
LocalBusiness shop = new LocalBusiness()
Name = “”,
Description = “Sell Wheels and Tires.”,
CurrenciesAccepted = “USD, CAD”,

Language language = new Language() { Name = “English, French” }; //may need more differentiation
shop.Address = new PostalAddress()
AddressCountry = “CA”,
AddressRegion = “BC”,
AddressLocality = “Vancouver”,
PostalCode = “V5X 2T7”,
StreetAddress = “732 Southeast Marine Drive”,
AreaServed = “Vancouver”,
AvailableLanguage = language,
Email = “[email protected]”,
Telephone = “604-324-5999”,
shop.Location = new Place();
shop.Location.Geo = new GeoCoordinates(“49.210978”, “-123.089581”);

OpeningHoursSpecification mondayHours = new OpeningHoursSpecification(“5:30 PM”, DaysOfWeek.Mo,”9:00 AM”);

shop.Location.OpeningHoursSpecification = new List<OpeningHoursSpecification>();


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