Product Microdata LD-JSON structure using c# you need to define LD-JSON Product structure as it is defined at you can use  Product class defined in MXTires.Microdata library. Example of C# code for defining  Product Microdata structure using MXTires.Microdata library: [TestMethod] public void SimpleProductTest() { var product = new Product() { Name = “T3 REPLICA NISSAN ALTIMA, MAXIMA (PAINTED/SILVER)”, }; System.Diagnostics.Debug.Write(product.ToJson()); }

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LocalBusiness Microdata JSON structure using c#

Example of C# code for defining  LocalBusiness Microdata structure using MXTires.Microdata library: [TestMethod] public void LocalBusinessTest() { LocalBusiness shop = new LocalBusiness() { Name = “”, Description = “Sell Wheels and Tires.”, CurrenciesAccepted = “USD, CAD”, }; Language language = new Language() { Name = “English, French” }; //may need more differentiation shop.Address = new […]

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Using Mustache (Nustache) with traditional ASP.NET (non MVC)

Download Nustache Extract zip file and open solution file. If you don’t have MVC3 installed you will get a warning that Visual Studio cannot open the project Click OK and continue Nustache.Mvc3 project will be grayed out. Right click the solution in Solution Explorer window and add new ASP .NET Application. I named it NustacheWebApplication. […]

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.Net code for hotel search request to Travelport

public void SearchHotelAvailability(Uri uri, string userName, string password, string targetBranch) {             HotelSearchAvailabilityReq request = new HotelSearchAvailabilityReq();             request.BillingPointOfSaleInfo = new BillingPointOfSaleInfo();             request.BillingPointOfSaleInfo.OriginApplication = “UAPI”;             HotelLocation location = new HotelLocation();             location.Location = “PDX”; //”YVR”, BOB, LOX, DEN             location.LocationType = typeHotelLocation.City;             request.HotelLocation = location;             HotelSearchModifiers searchModifiers = new HotelSearchModifiers();             […]

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Enterprise Library binaries path property

When I installed Enterprise Library 5.0 Optional Update 1, I was hoping that I would be able to edit config file using EnterpriseLibrary.Config tool.  After installing Enterprise Library 5.0 Optional Update 1 – Source Code.msi and Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.ConfigConsole.vsix I opened Visual Studio 20010 and when right-clicked on config file I was able to see the option […]

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Recurring payment with PayPal Payflow for NopCommerce

This code is for NopCommerce v 1.80 /// <summary> /// Process recurring payment /// </summary> /// <param name=”paymentInfo”>Payment info required for an order processing</param> /// <param name=”customer”>Customer</param> /// <param name=”orderGuid”>Unique order identifier</param> /// <param name=”processPaymentResult”>Process payment result</param> public void ProcessRecurringPayment(PaymentInfo paymentInfo, Customer customer, Guid orderGuid, ref ProcessPaymentResult processPaymentResult) { //throw new NopException(“Recurring payments not supported”); […]

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