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How much of all gold mined in the world?

For all history of mankind about 182800 tons of gold were extracted. More than a half (58%) of gold is got only for the last 53 years. Nearly 18% of the extracted gold are in the international reserves of the countries of the world. Gold reserves of the countries of the world make more than 30 thousand tons.

The gold collected in one place, extracted for all history would form a gold cube with the edge equal of about 21 meters, that is height about the six-storied house. And the amount of iron equal to all gold extracted by mankind, is drawn from a globe subsoil approximately in 45 minutes.

The gold extracted now around the world in one year would be located indoors of 44 sq.m and height from a floor to a ceiling about three meters. Over the last 10 years, gold mining around the world makes about 2600-2800 tons per year.

If theoretically to carry out the section of all gold extracted for all history of mankind each inhabitant of Earth would receive about 25 grams. And it is actually even less if to consider that thousands of tons of gold are lost as a result of an attrition forever burials in treasures or lie on a seabed.