Role Of Packaging Designing In Increasing Sale Of Food Products

By: Nancy Cartmell Published: January 21, 2015 Food processing industry is growing rapidly in the market these days. The demand for diverse quality food items have increased tremendously in market. A high percentage of global population live on processed food and its demand are increased rapidly across the globe. To meet the demand, numerous new […]

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How to start a business without capital investment. The Golden Rules of Business

Как начать собственное дело без капитальных вложений. Золотые правила бизнеса. In Russian Business. How to Start Your Own Business Бизнес. Как начать собственное дело В нашей стране существует огромное количество людей, мечтающих о своём собственном бизнесе. Но лишь малая часть из них этот самый бизнес начинает. Почему такое происходит и как надо действовать, чтобы начать […]

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BMG Entertainment case

Memorandum To: Strauss Zelnick Subject: BMG Entertainment Date: Feb 1, 2011 At the end of the 20th century, BMG faced dramatic changes in the industry ignited by the Internet. This new technology emerged as new ways of recording and distributing music and as new marketing and publishing vehicles. This threatened to destroy the well established […]

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Can the nominal interest rate be negative

The short answer is ‘No’. Real interest rates can be negative if there is an inflation.

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Recurring payment with PayPal Payflow for NopCommerce

This code is for NopCommerce v 1.80 /// <summary> /// Process recurring payment /// </summary> /// <param name=”paymentInfo”>Payment info required for an order processing</param> /// <param name=”customer”>Customer</param> /// <param name=”orderGuid”>Unique order identifier</param> /// <param name=”processPaymentResult”>Process payment result</param> public void ProcessRecurringPayment(PaymentInfo paymentInfo, Customer customer, Guid orderGuid, ref ProcessPaymentResult processPaymentResult) { //throw new NopException(“Recurring payments not supported”); […]

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Brand Marketing Mix (4ps) changes during product life cycle

Introduction Stage In the introduction stage, the firm seeks to build product awareness and develop a market for the product. The impact on the marketing mix is as follows: • Product branding and quality level is established, and intellectual property protection such as patents and trademarks are obtained. • Pricing may be low penetration pricing […]

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Different approaches to segmentation to more tightly target market.

The market segmentation is to help marketers and hence their businesses to target a smaller segment of the market (compare to mass- marketing). This will allow the marketing team to focus their efforts to sell their products with a higher margin and better acceptability. Segmentation help marketer to identify the important factors for the customers […]

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Use of perceptual map as a step in positioning and building VP.

Perceptual map or positioning map is a visual tool to depict the place of different products based on 2 attributes important to consumers. The map shows how the customers perceive each brand in terms of the 2 attributes on the horizontal and vertical axis. At the same time, the map can should what will be […]

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